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That’s right, this template is absolutely for free for any personal or commercial project


    No. Sorry, it’s not (yet). Stay tuned for future updates! There should also be WP version soon, which will totally be responsive.

    If you want to play with the design and make some more-drastic changes, you might need the PSD files. You can purchase them here.

    Working on it! It probably won’t be for free, but for about $20. If you want anything specific in the WP version, 联系 me!

    The WordPress version will be released in about 30 days


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      Working with these guys was absolutely amazing. I swear, they can read minds! One thing, tho... their cat is cute and everything, but they shouldn’t be talking about her so often, it’s kinda creepy. Anyway, it was pleasure to work with them!
      I didn't really like working with this company/guy (I'm still not sure if it's one-man show or two-man theatre) at all. Their cat is fine, but seriously, just shut the fuck up about her, could you?
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      That's what she said!